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NPO under its Productivity Association of Pakistan (PAP) intends to develop critical mass in Pakistan, whereby prime objective would be to introduce career path for the undeveloped and developed working professionals who would like to act as a catalyst in promoting management techniques in the manufacturing, services and agriculture sectors as a professional trainer, consultant and auditor.

With a philosophy of adding continuous value to quality productivity across Pakistan's industry, NPO is coming up with its latest scheme in form of National Register for Trainers (NRT) and National Register for Consultants (NRC). Through these schemes, NPO intend to promote professionals who can add value to their professional profile which in return will help them to understand clearly their vision for career growth.

An Overview of NRT & NRC (National Register for Trainers & Consultants) Scheme

The National Register for Trainers (NRT) is a scheme that promotes a pool of professional's that is expert in "Productivity, Quality and other management agriculture sectors of Pakistan as a "Professional Trainer/Resource Person". The main idea is to define a clear cut road map and career path for "Potential Trainers" who possess good communication, presentation skills and competencies in providing services as a "Professional Trainer". With these qualified trainers in the pool, NPO aims to capitalize its wide industrial network and give opportunity to the trainers to deliver training sessions across the country. With a view of enhancing future prospect of the training community of Pakistan, NRT intends to produce best trainers in the country by aligning its quality parameters with international standards with strong visionary scope.

In a same way the National Register for Consultants (NRC) is a pool of professional resources that has experience and skills in the field of consultancy. The objective of this scheme is to develop a pool of "Management Consultants" having qualified individuals and associates on board, who can act as change agents by exploiting their knowledge, know-how, competencies and proficiency practically in multiple industries through the implementation of quality and productivity management tools & techniques.


With NRT/NRC playing its role at National level, professionals will be able to define their career path clearly and these schemes becoming a source of vision creation for professionals who intend to expand certified professional qualification with hard core experience. Following are the expected Outcome/benefits:

  • Creates a National Register of Trainers/Consultants in order to make it easy to find qualified and approved training providers.
  • With the NRT/NRC, an environment of competition within the training providers would be taking place. Each trainer in a pool shall get an opportunity of counseling from the senior officials/ principal trainer of NPO who already have wide industrial experience.
  • The NRT/NRC provides an exposure that takes a resource person systematically to higher level. It helps resource person to develop their skills steadily and will give them a chance to critically analyze their gaps and identify their strengths. The more the exposure they get the more they get to improve.
  • NRT/NRC provides a framework for you to develop the knowledge and skills needed for success. A new breed of expert-level management professional will emerge from the rigorous process to achieve this respected industry credential.
  • With more industrial exposure, a registrant of NRT/NRC would get an opportunity to get establish their recognition in market.
  • The capacity development phase would not only confine to local arena, but also will give them an opportunity to get international exposure through the courses of APO (Asian Productivity Organization).
  • The most important outcome of NRT/NRC would be that it defines a clear road map of professional capacity development for the trainers/Consultants who intend to achieve excellence in a world of training and Consultancy. At the moment there is no platform that helps professionals to follow on right track. With the inculcation of this scheme there is a good prospect of filling this gap up.
  • With quality certified trainers/Consultants organization can witness an improved customer satisfaction, innovating work methods, increasing efficiency and reducing waste and cost, identifying and managing risk to the business considering corporate care and responsibility.
  • The NRT/NRC scheme functions with an objective to sustain the unparalleled commitment to performance excellence and sends a strong message.