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Made in Gilgit

Project Abstract:
This project aims to improve productivity and socio-economic condition of 35 craft's persons belonging to District Gilgit in a 05 month period. NPO aims to achieve this by increasing their sales through exposure to new markets where products made in Gilgit are in demand and have better value, knowing latest market trends through improved market linkages and showcasing the culture of Gilgit in other parts of the country.

The communities of District Gilgit are mostly involved in different arts and crafts for their livelihood which are renowned worldwide. Embroided gowns (Choghas/attire with Dori work), wallets, key chains, caps, carpet weaving (gabbeh and rugs), stone work (sharma), wood utensils (walnut & pinewood), woolen crafts (shawls, Namda, Pattu, Yardage), precious and semi-precious stones and metals, and industrial stones are the specialties of Gilgit and have promising market in Pakistan and abroad.

NPO is a national level organization specializing in improving productivity and capacity building of entrepreneurs. To determine the need of proposed project, NPO also engaged Gilgit Chamber of Commerce through consultative meetings and local communities through focused group discussions at the project design phase. It was revealed that there is a dire need to promote the local art and crafts and improving their sales at the national level.

As a follow up to the community consultation, NPO conducted a survey in District Gilgit and collected data on crafts persons and the details of their art & crafts. The District was selected on the basis of following criteria;

  • Situated on the Karakorum Highway, District Gilgit is easily accessible by road.
  • Women crafts workers & youth in the targeted District are highly motivated and willing to change their social and economic status.
  • Crafts including Dori work, wood work, woolen shawls, rugs, stone work, and traditional embroidered caps & crafts are being produced in proposed District which will make the selection of quality products for exhibition easier and supply uninterrupted.
  • Proposed District has an airport in Gilgit City which would make the logistics for the project activities more convenient and implementation smoother.

The objectives of the project are as under:
To provide livelihood opportunities to 35 craft's persons belonging to District Gilgit in a 05 month period through:

  • 05 days training of craft's persons on sales, customer relationship management, marketing and e-marketing at Gilgit.
  • Development of "Made in Gilgit" web portal to increase the sales of traditional products outside GB region.
  • Craft's persons exposure visits to Chamber of Commerce & Industry Islamabad and markets in Islamabad for linkages development.