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CEO Message

      "The PMQA Criteria are about success in your marketplace every day with a high-performing, high-integrity organization. The PMQA Criteria ask you all the right questions. The PMQA Criteria for Performance Excellence are about you! Is addressing all the PMQA Criteria easy? No! But neither is achieving sustainable results in today’s challenging environment. Will the Criteria help you think and act strategically? Yes. Will they help you align your processes and your resources? Yes. Will they help you engage your workforce and your customers? Yes. Are these worthwhile goals? You decide. No matter what type of organization you have, the Criteria provide a valuable framework that can help you measure performance and plan in an uncertain environment. It can help you decide on approaches such as ISO 9000, Lean, a Balanced Scorecard, and Six Sigma; improve communication, productivity, and effectiveness; and achieve strategic goals. How to start? Take a few minutes and scan the questions in the Organizational Profile on pages 4–6. A discussion of the answers to these questions might be your first PMQA assessment. Submitting an Award application has valuable benefits. Every applicant receives a detailed feedback report based on a rigorous evaluation conducted by a panel of specially trained experts. So take advantage of this incredible opportunity toward performance excellence."

Prime Minister Quality Award

Pakistan's economy is suffering badly from the last few years due to the shortage of resources and improper parameters of standards, quality and productivity. Keeping in view the need, NPO initiated the PMQA in 2010 based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA). Today, more than 70 countries in the world and 17 countries in Asia have adopted the criteria for performance excellence i.e Quality Award. The basic objective of this award is to acknowledge and appreciate the good practices of high achievers at national level. It will also encourage culture of benchmarking with national and international organizations.

The PMQA Criteria for Performance Excellence provide a systems perspective for understanding performance management. It reflect validated, leading-edge management practices against which an organization can measure itself. With its acceptance nationally and internationally as the model for performance excellence, the Criteria represent a common language for communication among organizations for sharing best practices.

Why Apply for the Prime Minister Quality Award?

  • To improve performance and achieve world-class results
  • To seek "the most cost-effective, value-added business audit available anywhere"
  • To objectively clarify your organization's strengths and weaknesses How Is PMQA Different?
  • Offers an overall systems framework
  • Focuses on results in all areas
  • Focuses on the future - a strategic view
  • Includes organizational and personal learning and knowledge sharing
  • Includes corporate governance, ethics, societal responsibility, and sustainability
  • Provides a public service in the national interest

Benefits of Applying

  • Align efforts and resources
  • Develop an integrated management approach
  • Focus on results
  • Enhance benefits of certification and accreditation efforts
  • Gain an opportunity to become a national role model
  • Earn the prestige of being a presidential award recipient, if selected

The Feedback Report: Your Greatest Benefit

  • Written assessment of strengths/ opportunities for improvement
  • Compiled by a team of expert assessors
  • The report includes
  •     a key themes summary
  •     organization-specific comments
  •     individualized scoring information
  •     scoring distribution

Training / WorkshopsDifferent trainings/workshops are available for the assessors, applicants / interested companies.

  • PMQA Criteria Class
  • Assessors Training Course (Details)
  • Application Development Workshop (Details)

How to participate in PMQA?

  • Step 1 Send dully filled Eligibility Determination Form (EDF) to Office of PMQA (OPMQA) (ED fee is Rs. 5000/-)
  • Step 2 Upon clearance of ED, the applicants need to prepare and submit detailed application report (details) based on PMQA Criteria.
At this stage the applicant may also check with OPMQA for the schedule of Application Development Workshop.

PMQA Assessment Cycle It consist of three stages in which the qualified assessors assess the applicant organization/company

  • Stage I – Independent Review
  • Stage II – Consensus Review
  • Stage III – Site Visits